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FBYS268 Non asbestos sealing sheet


The maximum operating temperature is 300 degreesCand the maximum operatingpressure is 3.0MPa

Good temperature, pressure resistance and durability

Surface treatments such as anti-stick can be carried out

The EU ROHS certification and asbestos-free confirmation have been made

Can be made wire mesh, plate-enhanced asbestos-free sealing plate

Product use

Mainly used in machinery, petrochemicals, automobiles, motorcycles and other conditions for sealing padding materials, especially suitable for automobiles, motorcycle engines with gaskets. Suitable for a variety of oil, air, water, steam and other media.

Product specifications

Wide × (mm):1500×4500, 1500×1500

Depth (mm):0.3 to 3.0

Special specifications can be agreed with the customer

Physical performance

The item

Refers to the target

Lateral stretch strength Mpa

≥10 。

Density g/cm3

1.8±0.15 。

Burn loss (550 degreesC×1h).      %

≤40 。

Creep relaxation rate (100degrees C×22h).     %

≤30 。

Compression rate                           %

10±5 。

Bounce rate                           %

 ≥45 。

IRM903 . . . standard oil

150°C×5h 。

The rate of thickness change        %

 ≤15 。

Weight change rate        %

 ≤15 。

Horizontal stretch strength MPa

 ≥7.0 。


The temperature ×5h

The rate of thickness change        %

 ≤15 。

Weight change rate        %

≤15 。

Water: glycol s1:1

100°C×5h 。

The rate of thickness change        %

≤15 。

Weight change rate        %

≤15 。

Compression rate            %

15±5 。

Bounce rate            %

 ≥35 。

Nitrogen leakage rate (Q/YSM BJS001-2009) ml/min

 ≤1.0 。

The maximum temperature and maximum pressure cannot be used at the same time.
These are general guidelines and should not be used as the only way to select or exclude the material

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