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QF3736 Non-asbestos low temperature resistant sheet

Product characteristics

● Maximum temperature is 350℃

● Maximum working pressure is 3.5MPa 

● Excellent heat, oil and seal resistance

● Asbestos - free confirmation by a professional body

● Passing ROHS certification by professional organization

Product application

Suitable for all kinds of oils, general gas, water and other media as sealing material.

Especially recommended for general industry as sealing liner material.

Standard sizes

(L) ×(W) (mm) : 1290 × 1280 /  3840 × 1290 /  3840 × 2580

Thickness(mm) :  0.3 ~ 3.0

Special sheet sizes and other size thickness upon customers’ request.

Physical properties

Remarks: 1. The above physical data is based on 1.5mm thickness.

2. If you have any question in choosing the products, please contact us directly.

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