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QF3725 Non asbestos sealing sheet

Product characteristics

● Maximum temperature is 300℃

● Maximum working pressure is 3.0MPa 

● Excellent temperature resistance, durability and sealing

● Anti-adhesion and other surface treatment

● Asbestos - free confirmation by a professional body

● Passing ROHS certification by professional organization

Product application

Appling to fluids such as various kinds of oils, air, water, vapor, etc.

Used as gasket for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, petrol-chemistry, etc.

Specially recommended as gasket material for automobiles and motorcycles.

Standard sizes

(L) ×(W) (mm) : 1290×1280 / 3840×1290 / 3840×2580
Thickness(mm) : 0.3~3.0
Special sheet sizes and other size thickness upon customers’ request.

Physical performance

Remarks: 1. The above physical data is based on 1.5mm thickness.

2. If you have any question in choosing the products, please contact us directly.

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