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Rubber Coated Metal – SNM3825


Rubber coated metal materials give the consideration of both metal rigidity and rubber elasticity for its special construction.So this material is suitable for automobile and motorcycle cylinder head gaskets,  accessory gaskets, refrigeration and compressor gasket with its excellent seal ability, compression and recovery property,  good creep relaxation and fluid resistance and durability, good coolant and low temperature resistance performance


Excellent high and low temperature resistance.Working temperature is between-30℃and 180℃;  Good seal ability and suitable for gas and fluid seal ability;
Excellent mechanical performance.Tensile strength can reach 100MPa.Excellent compression. recovery and stress relaxation performance;
Good fluid resistance and suitable for various kinds of complicated environment,  especially suitablefor mechanical oil,  antifreeze and coolant, etc.
Good anti-ageing property;
Fine processing property and can be processed automatically in continuous way which keep the same lot of gaskets in good consistence with high efficiency

Type Total thickness Rubber thickness metal
metal type thickness(mm)
SNM-3825  0.38 0.065* 2 sides  SPCC-4  0.25

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